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My ice, klondike, ride around, dope ride
Ride around, get right, get rich, good night, good night, you know (good night)
My bitch forreal, she honest, won't tell
Popeyes, oat meals, Popeyes ain't no meals
She gon' kill (pew pew pew pew pew)
I go through all the cities (yeah)
I'm on a mile a minute
I go a mile a minute (skrr)
You wanna play violent, let's get it (yeah)
Take me back to the old days
Take me back to my old ways
Lifestyle, yeah the gang way
Way before they called me Sensei
Get robbed in the driveway
Bad bitches they was not here
You were probably watching Garfield
Tunnel vision, ain't nothing else
Kick door, that's on our face
I done walk in the hallway
Basketball then gunplay (prrr)
Young niggas didn't graduate
You probably think I couldn't make it (I made it)
It's all good God saved me (God)
Now I'm doin' what I wanna
Bentley truck bent the corner (skrr skrr, skrr, skrr skrr)
Niggas bite like piranhas
If I gotta put the bag on 'em, I'm a pay em all hundreds

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