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Up early in the morning, trapping (Trap, trap)
You can get 'em while you asking (Ask)
How many chickens?
You can get 'em whichever way
Nigga, trap turned Zaxby's (Zax)
I beat the pot with a passion (Beat it up)
A hundred acres on the mansion (Mansion)
I dab in the latest fashion (Eat it up)
Bitches need to call casting (Yeah)

Ac (Ac)
Put the backends in the back (Back)
Draco on me, it's attached (Attached)
Name a nigga with the pack (Pack)
Name a nigga with the sack (Sack)
I love my Glock, I got the Mac (Mac)
She eat the Molly like a snack (Eat it up)
It's gold on my nickel plaque (plaque)
Bando Shane's Rib Shack (Eat it up)
Bought the plug, give it tax (Tax)
Sip the lean and relax (Drink it up)
Park the Lamb in the back (Skrt, skrt)
Big dog, you a cat (Cat)
Rich and the matte black (Skrt, skrt)
Twenty hoes to be exact (Yeah)
I mean ten, that's a dime
More than nickels, that's a five (Yeah)
Wanna fly, wanna slide?
Wanna glide? Ain't got time (Yeah)
Pour a thirty on my nine
For a nigga out of line (Yeah)
Momma cryin', niggas dyin'
Wonder why they grip the fire Yeah

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