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I do not care what the tag will say (I don't)
I done brought out a big bag today (bag)
I just pulled up with the MAC today (brrr)
I don't plan on going out sad today (brrr)
Pay what you owe, eighty a show (eighty)
Close the curtain and smoke in the Ghost (gas)
Hop in the i8 and lift up the door (skrrt)
Young rich nigga, more money than the old (hey)
Got your hoe at the condo, no clothes, yeah
Climb on a young nigga pole, yeah
You don't wanna go there (nah)
Sticks and the Dracos in here (brrr)
Got racks in the back of my pants (racks)
Got racks in the bachelor pad (racks)
These bitches, they fuck for a bag (smash)
And you niggas gon' go out sad

Bad Mona Lisa (bad)
Slide with my people (skrrt skrrt)
Pink slip for the ride (skrrt skrrt)
But what's in the trunk, it's illegal
Came from dimes (dimes), no cosigns (no cosigns)
You can read between the lines
Like a pro skater, did my own grinds, yeah (grinds)

What's the price? (What's the price? price is going up, prices)
Hold on (price, going up yeah)
The bitch bad, I slide, skrrt skrrt, skrrt skrrt (going up)
Hold on (woo woo woo, price, yeah!)

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