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If I'ma talk, I'ma talk, I'ma keep it real
Me and my boys, and my boys, we would split a pill
Noodles and pots in a pot was a nigga meal
Now that we on, that we on, we gon' split a mill'
I take a jet, take a jet when I'm overseas
None of my girls, of my girls gon' get over me
Shout-out to Hawk, shout-out Dooly, shout-out Hennessy
Them be my bros, be my bros 'til the death of me
Nobody, nobody know how I really be
I got some bars for a nigga if he wanna see
Dress up your talk if a nigga wanna talk to me
Fuck your phone calls, I don't want apologies
Everyone said, yeah, they said I was gonna peak
Most number ones, number ones in a nigga league
I think your girl, think your girl, fell in love with me
She say my fuck, and my tongue game a remedy

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