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Regret In Your Tears – Nicki Minaj ringtone

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Description : Free Regret In Your Tears – Nicki Minaj ringtone download, mp3 ringtone Regret In Your Tears – Nicki Minaj free for all mobile phones, Free Download Now!

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'Cause you don't even know what you just lost
You don't even know what you just had
You don't even know, and that's what's bad
Money bag long, that bitch bad
Used to lay up in them sheets, they were snow white
Now you spendin' cold nights
You've been in the wrong so long
You don't even know right
Call my line, call my line, I'm like, Please, boy
You just need to leave, boy
I ain't got time for you
Just once, do somethin' for me, boy

Regret in your tears, now you taste 'em
'Cause you know I don't chase, I replace 'em
Don't rush, take time, take some
I just want the memories, tried to make some with you
Now I gotta erase some with you

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