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Selfish  ringtone:

Shawty I'm selfish
Can't help it
You know I get stuck when you
Come around
And them niggas be sick cause we
Be on some shit
Yeah they know I'm gon
Hold it down
Pull up in da whip
Tell you how I been witcho friends
We gon go to my crib
Have my chef cook up a dinner
Girl you know you fuckin with a winner
I ain't nothing like these things I swear
Name a place I could take you there
Id do anything to make you laugh
And you can have anything just ask
But just know that I'm selfish
And I swear I can't help it
But its all for you
Yea its all for you

I'm selfish
I want you all to myself
I swear
You don't need nobody else
I swear
I want you all to myself
Because I'm selfish yea

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