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No Frauds ringtone download

Yeah, yeah, never been no fraud
Why do niggas that are not involved love to get involved?
Why do niggas claim the streets and act just like the law?
Riddles that I cannot seem to solve, man
Cristal, come at me, Weezy F and Nick
All come and spoke about your shit in ’15
Man, I know you niggas saw this one comin’
My net worth sound like *grrrrrr*
But they don’t pay in cash
Niggas see me like, “What up, Killa?”
Man, please stop bringin’ up my past
I’d really love to leave that behind
Sometimes I ask God, “Man, why him?”
Like the team that I would never leave behind
I really gotta ease off the wine
Which is funny because I just saw Nick the other day
And she keeps getting finer over time
I just know

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