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I'm about gettin' the job done, boy up every night
I'm about rollin' a seven when I toss up the dice
I'm about gettin' my logo all flooded with ice
I'm about takin' a risk that might fuck up your life
Tell 'em point and shoot like camera crews
In front of cameras too (Brrr!)
Damn, Sean, what happened to the humble attitude?
I'm like, "Niggas took the flow, but I'm still standin' too."
Thought I had the Midas touch, and then I went platinum too
Motherfuck all your comparisons (fuck 'em)
I've been talkin' to God like that's my therapist
I'm African-American in America; I ain't inherit shit
But a millionaire under 30, so He must be hearin' shit
Don, don, don life, I do this for the crib, the D to Flint
Kids who get sick with lead, others get hit with the lead
From where they need a handout
But they tell you put hands up
Only deals I had was from the Sam's Club
Now it's blue blood in my veins
Though you know what I came for
Born in a world goin' where they told me I can't go
In my lane, though, I'm in the same boat as Usain Bolt
Get ahead by any means, so the head's what I aim for
When my grandma died I realized I got an angel
Show me everything's a blessing, dependin' on the angles
Look, I am the anomaly, never needed favors or apologies
That's my new lifetime policy
Woodgrain steering wheel, this bitch feel like a pirate ship
How many hot verses 'til you bitches start acknowledgin'
The pictures we been paintin'? My nigga
Connected to a higher power—how I know?
'Cause I don't write this shit, I think it, my nigga
Look, all I ever did was beat the odds
'Cause when you try to get even it just don't even out
Never stoppin' like we hypnotized
Watch what we visualize on the rise
Be the GOAT while we alive; when we die, we gon' be the gods


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