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Migos, Gucci Mane – Slippery ringtone

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Tater tot, fuck niggas on my radar watch (watchin')
Crocodile hunter, turn 'em to some gator shots (urr)
Iced out watch (ice) ridin' round, ten o'clock (ten)
Ridin' round, geeked up, damn, think it's three o'clock (three)
Four o'clock (four) five o'clock, six o'clock (five)
I'm gon' pop, if I don't, I'm back to the pot (whip)
I got rocks (rocks) big bales, big arms
Tommy gun, come out and play, let's have fun (yeah)
Big scales (scales) fishscale, big weight (fish)
Iceberg (ice) ice tray, ice tray (woo)
Plug called (called) tried to front, I don't need it (brrt)
I don't need it (brrt) pockets strong, wrist anemic (strong)
Get freezy (freezy) young nigga pay your debt-is (debt-is)
Grandma (grandma) auntie Ab and auntie Neesa (Neese)
Uncle Bo, auntie Greta serve ya perkys (Greta)
Auntie Eva, she got a pound, she might just serve it (serve)

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