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Some Kind Of Drug – G-Eazy ringtone

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Some Kind Of Drug ringtone download:

Ever since I met you, you got me changing my schedule
If you ain’t know, that shits eventful
And losing this money is dreadful, but
Believe me, that pussy is special
You wanted me moms, I might let you
Rollie is soo presidential, keep it on while we fuck that’s cause I meant to, yeah
Fuck you twice, we take a nap, soon as you’re awake, get back
Go for three it takes a knack
I’m taking you to places that
You ain’t been girl, face the fact, meant it, I can’t take it back
Whisky straight, ain’t chasing that, I’ll taste the cat, yeah
Yeah, you told me I own that pearl, yeah, that’s cause I bone you girl
You should be my only girl, when I hit it, you feel like you own the world

I’m on some kind of drug
Can’t explain all the ways you get me high
I’m on some kind of drug
Can’t explain, don’t keep me waiting all night
Girl come through, that bath water running
Fire be burning in my hotel room
Come through, champagne be popping
System be knocking in my hotel room

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