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Guala – G-Eazy, Carnage ringtone

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Guala, guala, guala guala
I'm livin' like it's no tomorrow
Don't loan my style, won't let you borrow
You thirsty, have a glass of water
I'm killing these beats, there'll be more dead
I put my dick on her forehead
Less conversation and more head
Emergency, this is a code red
Guala, guala, guala guala
She said her name but I forgot it
I seen it, liked it, so I copped it
If you ain't talkin' money, change the topic
Afterparty in the hills
She want Vodka and pills
She so numb she don't feel
Always stay active, we stay in the field
Man, god damn it's too real
Crazy, Amityville

Yeah, yeah, I'm gassin', woah
You ain't 'bout that action, no, woah
Yeah, yeah I'm 'laxin', woah
Your bitch is cashin'

And she want the guala guala
And she like the guala guala
And she want the guala guala
And she like the guala guala
Guala guala, guala guala
Guala guala, yeah guala guala, yeah
(Thirty rack, Thiry rack homie)
Guala guala, yeah, guala guala, yeah

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